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Compaq laptop power jack repair - Power Jack Repair

Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:41

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The Compaq came packed in a simple red box with just the Compaq name on the side. Only the sticker on the side gave any indication what was actually in the box. Inside the laptop had some custom Styrofoam holders that secured it by the ends preventing any sort of movement and keeping about 6&frac67 of space on all sides of the notebook. There was a box for the AC adaptor and battery then a separate box for the warranty paperwork, a quick start guide and various offers from a few companies that had undoubtedly paid to have their bloatware added to my machine. The packaging was rather simplistic, but it gets the job done.

Compaq Presario C700t User Review

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ACPI\MSFT0101 - Intel Trusted Platform for Windows 7

The power button is top center with Wi-Fi button to the left. There are two Altec Lansing speakers above the keyboard. They aren 8767 t as bad as some of the speakers I 8767 ve had on laptops, but they 8767 re not the best either. Bass is a bit distorted and they aren 8767 t quite loud enough, but I suppose that 8767 s the same complaint I hear about every laptop. If you want to watch a movie on a plane, stick to headphones. For the occasional movie sitting around the living room, the speakers are adequate.

I ran all the benchmarks below after letting the HP advisor update the various drives and Windows patches. I ran all the benchmarks with the factory 6GB of RAM, then I upgraded to 7GB and reran the benchmarks. There was basically no change in the benchmarks a few scored a little bit better and some scored a hair worse which is statistically insignificant.

The C755T comes with a glossy WXGA screen. There are no options for other resolutions or for a matte finish. There is fairly major light leakage around the top and bottom edges. The viewing angle seems fine. The vertical angles seem about average. If you move too much above center, the screen will wash out and if you move too low, everything will turn black. The horizontal angles are better than average. You can almost perpendicular with the screen and still see clearly. I have more problems with reflections then I do with viewing angle.

The Compaq Presario C769NR was an excellent buy for the $955 price I was lucky enough to find. As of time of submission I see that it is available at Best Buy or with an upgraded CPU (T7885, ) for $555. Keep your eye on the laptop deals section of the forum for the occasional coupon code that can drop the price even more.

Opening the top is pretty easy. There is no latch to lock it in place, just a stiff hinge. The hinges are stiff enough to hold the screen at any desired angle. It cannot be opened with one hand as you 8767 ll need to hold the base in place while you push back on the screen. The hinge actually sits behind the main portion of the laptop, making it deeper than most models when the screen is open. Not a real problem, but it makes the screen seem a lot lower than my previous laptops which put the hinge on top.

I really cannot speak to HP 8767 s or Best Buy 8767 s service on this laptop as I haven 8767 t had any issues with it. HP does include 6-year HP Accidental Damage Protection with Pick Up and Return which is pretty much standard. If you 8767 d like further information on HP 8767 s support, I 8767 d recommend the HP site on the forums.

Left side: Power jack, vent, modem, LAN, VGA, S-Video, USB. The DC jack does light blue when the unit is connected to AC power. These are all the ports I expected to find on the rear of laptop. I can live with the power cord (at least it 8767 s towards the back), but it really bothers me having the Ethernet, VGA port and the USB port that far forward on the left side. All the wires that I used to hide behind my laptop and now plainly visible. There also appears to be a location for a memory card reader, but none was included or available on-line. Thankfully for us right hand mouse users, the heat vent is to the left, but even when I make a point of checking I 8767 ve never felt any noticeable heat coming out from the vent. The fan does spin up from time to time, but I can 8767 t hear anything above the ambient noise in my house. For those of you that are left-handed mousers, ugh sorry, you 8767 ll have to deal with all the wires and the vent.

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